The Asian Development Bank (ADB) and its partners are designing ACEF 2021 to support the ongoing discussions and efforts around the Energy Transition. The theme of ACEF 2021 will be Accelerating the Low Carbon Transition in Asia and the Pacific. ACEF 2021 is being organized around three main pillars:

    (a) technology roadmaps to achieve Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs);
    (b) rebounding from COVID-19 and prospects for a green recovery; and
    (c) consultations to make the ADB Energy Policy more relevant.

The context for this year’s ACEF is that an increasing number of governments and businesses are announcing that they are 'going green.' This gives us optimism that the growing preference for energy efficiency and renewable energy will help accelerate the region's clean energy transition. As ACEF 2021 focuses on the challenges and pathways to fast-track the low-carbon transition in the region, this years’ event will also serve as an important platform for dialogue leading up to this year's COP26 summit on uniting the world to tackle climate change.

This year marks ADB’s 16th year of building connections and fostering collaborations in clean energy through the annual ACEF event. If you are interested in speaking at ACEF 2021, you can respond to the Call for Abstracts below. If you are interested in attending ACEF, you can register through this website. Registration will be open by early May. Also, you can subscribe to our regular ACEF 2021 newsletter, by clicking here.

ACEF 2021 will be held during the week of 14-18 June 2021. Please save the dates!