ACEF Keynote Speaker

Jim Ayala

CEO and Founder,
Hybrid Social Solutions

Jim Ayala has worked on economic development issues in emerging markets for 30 years in his various roles as social entrepreneur, CEO of a publicly listed company, management consultant, and board member of a number of NGO organizations. He believes that business and investment capital have an essential role to play in solving urgent social problems by working with other stakeholders to commercialize social innovations at the base of the economic pyramid.

Hybrid Network: Social Entrepreneurship and Hybrid Value Chains (2010-present)

Jim addresses social and development issues through his leadership roles at the Hybrid Network a cluster of “social businesses” that focus on establishing “hybrid value chains” that enable the business sector, civil society, and other stakeholders to work together to implement impactful and sustainable solutions for social problems. Jim’s roles are:

  • President and Founder, Hybrid Social Solutions Inc. HSSI is a pioneering social distribution company that distributes, services, and finances a range of innovative products – e.g., solar-powered appliances and water purification devices – which enable disadvantaged families to move out of poverty. HSSI has strategic alliances with a range of microfinance institutions, cooperatives, and NGOs throughout the Philippines through its ACCESS (Advancing Citizen and Community Empowerment through Sustainable Solutions) Program.
  • Chairman, Stiftung Solarenergie-Solar Energy Foundation Philippines (StS PH). StS PH is the Asian arm of the Stiftung Solarenergie International Network for Rural Development, a globally recognized pioneer in sustainable rural electrification that operates in Africa, Asia, and Europe. The mission of StS PH is to electrify and empower all off-grid communities in the Philippines through solar energy.
  • Network Partner, Hystra Inc. Hystra is a global hybrid strategy consulting firm, of which Jim is Manila-based Network Partner for Southeast Asia. Hystra helps large institutions scale up innovative business models that provide the poor access to essential services such as: water and sanitation, electricity and energy, healthcare, and housing. Hystra achieves this by partnering business clients with social sector pioneers, civil society organizations, governments, and communities to establish “hybrid value chains” that combine social and business objectives. Hystra has a strategic alliance with Ashoka, a global NGO that supports social entrepreneurs with system changing solutions for the world’s most urgent social problems.
  • Session/Event:

    • Plenary: Financing Paris-Aligned Pathways to the Energy Future