ACEF Keynote Speaker

Amanullah Ghalib

Chief Executive Officers,
DABS – Afghanistan National Power Utility

Mr. Aman Ghalib, born on 22 June 1980, is the Chief Executive Officer of the DABS, the National Power Utility of Afghanistan.

Mr. Ghalib is an engineer by profession. Having over a decade of professional experience and background in Afghanistan and abroad, he has developed an exceptional proficiency and know-how in management and administration and has demonstrated his ability to successfully apply technical knowledge to practical contexts during his years of service as a professional in London, UK and later in Afghanistan. Mr. Ghalib has successfully managed various projects and programs and persistently led the power sector during his incumbency as the Director of the Renewable Energy Department of the Ministry of Energy and Water, Deputy Minister of Energy in the Ministry of Energy and Water and currently as Chief Executive Officer of DABS - the national power utility. He has played a significant role in designing and drafting various electricity related policies and laws. The energy sector and the renewable energy sector in particular, have witnessed some visible improvements during his term in office.

Mr. Ghalib has also participated and represented Afghanistan in numerous bilateral and multilateral meetings, discussions and other formal gatherings with focus on the issue of energy and renewable energy, at regional, international and inter-governmental level.

Mr. Ghalib is a member of the Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET) and Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE). He is the main focal point of the Government of Afghanistan in the sectors of energy and renewable energy, with several national and international organizations, including SAARC, IRENA, ECO and several other prominent organizations.


  • Plenary: Leveraging Disruption for Sustainable Impact Plenary