ACEF Speaker 2019

Adam Aleksander

PtP Energy. Systems, LLC

Dr. Adam K. Aleksander is a Mechanical and Industrial Engineer, with degrees from California State Univ. San Jose, Univ. of Colorado, and a PhD from Texas A&M Univ. and is a licensed Professional Engineer in multiple States. During a career spanning 50 years, he has wide experience in material handling, process energy systems, biomass boilers and STG's, and investigative forensic engineering. Over the past 15 years he has worked extensively in Asia, including the Philippines, Bangladesh, and most recently Indonesia in support of power energy projects. This experience led to the recent concept of a barge-mounted processor, adapted to developing country challenges. Many plans are offered to help mitigate the deleterious effects of waste plastic, but few are practical, or available now, or with technology that is both robust, effective at destroying plastics and cost-effective. Dr. Aleksander strongly believes this concept is the optimal strategy for mitigating coastal marine debris, while benefitting local communities and the host country. In his presentation Dr. Aleksander will also address the economics, emissions, and functional challenges of eliminating waste non-recyclables, and the key FMCG based economic model of the future flow of plastics into all communities, globally.


  • Session 5.3: Bioenergy and Waste-to-Energy