Message from the Co-Chairs

Dear Clean Energy Colleagues,

In 2019, as ACEF celebrated its 14th anniversary, participants found an exciting format with a wide variety of plenary sessions, deep dive workshops, innovative Thematic Tracks and other formal and informal opportunities for networking. The theme for ACEF 2019 was “Partnering for Impact”, with five cross-sectoral thematic tracks: Energy and Livable Cities, Energy and Water Sustainability, Energy and Rural Poverty Alleviation, Energy and Innovative Finance and Clean Energy Trends and Directions.

This year, nearly 1,600 participants from 78 countries attended ACEF. One of the key reasons for the huge success was additional networking opportunities at ACEF that provided a unique platform for attendees to share ideas and discuss how they can work together to help continue to drive the clean energy transition in Asia.

Do not forget to mark your calendars for the next ACEF which will be held on June 15—19, 2020 and subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated.


David Elzinga


Peter du Pont