Knowledge Dim Sum with Clean Energy Entrepreneurs

ACEF 2018 will feature an exciting fast-paced and interactive networking session called Knowledge Dim Sum with Clean Energy Entrepreneurs on the morning of Thursday 7 June. This dynamic session will feature 22 clean energy entrepreneurs who are breaking into the Asia market with their innovative clean energy technologies, business models, and stand-out initiatives that they will share with ACEF attendees. During this highly engaging event, participants will rotate between different tables every 10 minutes and pick and choose (like at a dim sum buffet) to learn from a wide variety of game-changing ideas, practical applications for new clean energy technologies, innovative new business models in the clean energy space, successful clean energy investment funds and strategies, and many more cutting-edge topics.

Primus Power

Ruslan Rakymbay
General Director, Kazakhstan
Primus Power is a market leading manufacturer of flow batteries, offering low-cost, long-life (20 years), and safe (non-flammable) energy storage systems with flexible capacity (25 kW to 25MW) for stationary, grid-scale applications. Specific advantages include more than five hours discharge, industry-low total cost of ownership, small footprint, modular plug and play design, and environmentally friendly (95% recyclable).
Zbestpower Co.

Luke Lu
CEO, People's Republic of China
Zbestpower is China’s biggest Zinc-Bromine flow battery developer and manufacturer. We provide an affordable battery solution designed for large-scale energy storage applications for state-owned power companies in the the People's Republic of China. We are also a leading company in green transportation, and we are currently building a network of energy storage based solar recharging stations for electric vehicles.
Impact Solar Limited

Somboon Lertsuwannaroj
Managing Director, Thailand
Impact Solar enables the people to access to clean energy directly through an innovative private solar rooftop business model called Private PPA. This is accelerated by eliminating all customer concerns including funding and providing the people electricity at a cost cheaper than the grid.
Impact Solar is targeting to achieve 175MW in 2021 and expanding into the peer-to-peer energy sharing model.
Carbon Clean Solutions Limited

Aniruddha Sharma
CEO, India
Carbon Clean Solutions sells breakthrough technology to industrial carbon dioxide (CO2) users for extracting CO2 from chimneys of large polluters at less than $40 per tonne. Our technology is sold as an engineering license or full turnkey solution. CCSL owns multiple patents on the technology and its use for CO2 reduction applications in oil and gas, chemicals, and power.
Oorjan Cleantech Pvt. Ltd

Roli Gupta
Founder & CEO, India
Oorjan provides a software plus Internet of Things (IoT) platform that enables SMEs, large corporations, and utilities to promote and sell distributed solar energy. The platform spans the full customer journey from expressing interest in going solar to the installation and usage phase.
Clean Vehicle Solutions (Asia) Limited

Robin Hughes
Chairman, Hongkong, China
Clean Vehicle Solutions is focused on replacing old, polluting, and unsafe public transport vehicles in the Philippines. In the electric vehicle (EV) sector, we concentrate on the design, manufacture, and delivery of all-electric jeepneys, e-taxis, e-trikes, and minivans.
HST Solar

Santanov Chaudhuri
Co-founder and Co-president, United States
HST's mission is to reduce the cost of solar on a global scale so that it can reach 1 billion more people. Our technology platform analyzes millions of system designs for each site to minimize the cost of electricity and expand solar globally. It has spurred innovation in the entire solar industry by making solar development and construction more data-driven, transparent, and affordable for all.

Marcelle Huizenga
Customer Operations Team Lead, United States
SparkMeter provides smart metering solutions tailor-made for rural and central utilities in developing markets, where 2.1 billion people live without reliable electricity access. The simple plug-and-play solution enables utilities operating in remote locations to access a range of features – prepaid billing, customer communications, and remote monitoring and control – that improve their operations and help them achieve financial sustainability.
Me SOLshare

Sebastian Groh
CEO, Bangladesh
SOLshare has created a revolutionary new approach to bring affordable solar electricity to everyone in Bangladesh and beyond through its peer-to-peer (P2P) solar energy trading platforms based on distributed ledger technology. SOLshare pioneers a micro-energy transition model 3.0 by interconnecting solar home systems in P2P networks, monetizing excess solar energy along the value chain in real time using mobile money, and empowering communities to earn a direct income from the sun.
Meva Energy

Thomas Bräck
Business Development Director, Sweden
Meva Energy develops and offers world-leading biomass gasification technology for low-cost, decentralized biogas production for process heat or power generation. Based on unique patented technology, Meva is the only gasifier in the world that can utilize small fraction feedstocks such as sawdust, husk, and wood fiber, which can be 3-6 times cheaper than more conventional biomass such as wood chips and pellets. Strong industry partnerships with Cummins, 2JCP, and IKEA.
Smart Joules Pvt. Ltd.

Arjun P. Gupta
Founder & CEO, India
While millions of Indians lack access to basic energy, businesses are growing their energy use by 15% annually and routinely waste 40% of it. Smart Joules seeks to eliminate this environmental and economic injustice by optimizing large energy end-users with its technology platform – DeJoule. Its embedded systems monitor and control field devices in real-time, while its artificial intelligence algorithms automatically and continuously dissect energy use, identify sources of wastage and generate optimized operational points.
Okra Solar

Louis Jolivet
Head of Partnerships & Service Delivery, Cambodia

Okra networks provide scalable electrification through the following products:

‘Okra Seed’ - a plug & play ‘grid in a box’ installed on houses which, when connected together, share power in a microgrid. More Okra Seeds can be installed and connected at any time.

‘Okra Harvest’ - our software platform which supports remote monitoring, mobile payments and smart management functions such as over-the-air ‘seed’ updates.

Electric Vine Industries

Matthew Basinger
CTO, Indonesia
Electric Vine Industries (EVI) is a private microgrid developer that brings sustainable energy access and income generation opportunities to unelectrified households throughout Southeast Asia. EVI has developed a unique village electrification architecture called the Solar Vine with a “smart meter” at its core. Users pre-pay for electricity using their mobile phone. The meters are connected to the mobile network and monitored online via a smart-metering management software package.
Gham Power

Anjal Niraula
CEO, Nepal
Gham Power transforms lives in rural, off-grid communities by using solar power to increase local income and reduce the effects of climate change. Our project development platform, Off-Grid Bazaar, uses local farmer data to help design a project, predict future cash flow, and measure risk. A solar system is installed at the farmer’s location with a smart meter, while the farmer pays for the system through his increase in yield using mobile money. Using our platform, we have identified a US$ 3.4 million project pipeline, and developed 330 agro-processing systems and 28 microgrids.
Solar Green Energy (Cambodia) Co., Ltd

Thida Kheav
Co-founder/CE0, Cambodia
In a country highly impacted by climate change, with limited renewable energy sources and high electricity demand, Cambodia's electricity prices are among the highest in South East Asia. Solar Green Energy Cambodia develops quality and affordable solar power for use mainly in the agriculture sector through locally-assembled solar products, designs and installs solar power systems, and provide reliable after-sales services.
EQuota Energy

Chunguang Wang
CEO, People's Republic of China
EQuota's Energy Management System provides artificial intelligence (AI) data analytics and prediction modeling to optimize energy usage, offer predictive maintenance, fault detection and identify non-technical energy loss. EQuota software is non-intrusive, direct saving, works on existing hardware, fast ramp up and requires no capex. It can provide energy optimization, predictive maintenance and smart grid for commercial and industrial buildings, development zones and utilities.
Windforce Pvt Ltd

Hussain Akbarally
Director, Sri Lanka
Windforce is Sri Lanka's largest renewable energy company. We provide eco-friendly power to meet the country's growing demand for power. Our in-house engineering and development team use the latest technologies to deliver the highest performing wind power plants in Sri Lanka, while our operations and maintenance division ensures that these plants continue to perform at their peak. We use our expertise to expand our portfolio, both locally and internationally.
Hoa Phong E&C Development and Investment Joint Stock Company

Nguyen Quynh Trang
General Director, Viet Nam
HPEC focuses on the fields of technology, renewable energy, and environmental protection. Our Maximum Power Point Tracking Charge maximizes solar panel efficiency, while our Battery Balancer lengthens the life cycle of batteries in a solar power system. Our target is to commercialize solar power systems in households and EV solar charging stations.
Myanmar Eco Solutions & EAM Myanmar

Min Chan Wan
Founder, Managing Director, Myanmar
Myanmar Eco Solutions is the most active solar power development company in Myanmar and acts as a conduit between potential investors, key regulatory bodies, and energy off-takers. Our engagement is designed towards achieving Myanmar’s sustainable energy future, and to boost the quality of life for individuals, the efficiency of businesses, and economic growth of communities.
Solar Philippines

Leandro Leviste
President & CEO, Philippines
Solar Philippines is Southeast Asia’s largest solar company and the only integrated developer, investor, manufacturer, and EPC. We signed the lowest cost solar Power Purchase Agreement in East Asia, and have a multi-GW pipeline, including the world’s largest solar projects in off-grid and unelectrified areas. In 2017, we began operating our 800 MW solar panel factory, one of the largest and most advanced in the region.
Energy Internet Research Institute

Yi Liu
Deputy Director, People's Republic of China
EIRI is building a platform to incubate clean energy initiatives. We are trying to create synergy among all our incubatees. We currently have 27 incubatees, and more than 300 employees working at one location.
Several of our incubatees are working together to build a "Flexible Energy Resource Management Platform" which will help plan, monitor, and control flexible energy resources such as battery and thermal storage, electric vehicles, and smart buildings.
MMCI Solar

Mark Miles
Founder & CEO, United States
MMCISolar is reinventing solar thermal to make renewable heat competitive with all fossil fuels. Its AirPane technology relies on a novel application of polymer materials to build solar heat platforms that supply energy at a cost four times less than conventional systems. AirPane can significantly reduce the fuel or electricity required by residential and commercial consumers with high thermal loads.
Energo Labs

Kaikai Yang
COO & Co-Founder, People's Republic of China
Energo Labs combines energy and blockchain technology to achieve a decentralized autonomous energy (DAE) ecosystem with peer-to-peer (P2P) energy transactions. We aim to bring this disruptive technology to Asia with a focus on social impact and to promote using emission-free resources to simultaneously balance the security of energy supply, energy costs, and carbon emissions.
Higi Energy

Jackie Yap
Founder and CEO, Philippines
HiGi Energy transforms large water hyacinth into eco-friendly charcoal briquettes used for cooking, industrial heating, and eventually, green power. HiGi Energy has sold more than 100,000 kg of briquettes in the first quarter of 2018 to barbecue restaurants in Luzon, Philippines. This patented modular clean technology is being licensed to countries like India, Bangladesh, Kenya, Indonesia, where the abundance of water hyacinths are considered as a nuisance.