Come and join a fast-paced networking event that showcases a wide variety of ADB clean energy projects and initiatives! ADB staff and their counterparts will deliver presentations to the broader clean energy community attending ACEF, with the twin aims of (a) encouraging south-to-south learning across countries and departments and (b) increasing awareness among ACEF participants about the transformative and innovative nature of ADB interventions.

ADB on the Ground will allow ACEF participants in this event to learn from ADB staff who are working with counterparts to lead and try out new technologies, approaches, and financing mechanisms in order to accelerate a shift to more sustainable, low-carbon energy sources and systems. This is your chance to not only learn, but also provide feedback to ADB staff and their counterparts about what could be done to improve their projects and achieve greater outcomes.

ADB on the Ground is a win-win for both ADB staff and for ACEF attendees because it promotes knowledge sharing of ADB’s best practices that are helping drive Asia’s clean energy future. To stay updated, please subscribe to the ACEF newsletter here.