About ACEF 2021

The global community is on the brink of transformation as it copes with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, while it strives to achieve the sustainable development and global climate goals. At the center of all these is energy, which powers economic growth, poverty reduction, and climate actions. Staying on track and accelerating the energy transition to low carbon require concerted efforts and harmonized actions. The ADB Strategy 2030 fully supports the low-carbon transition as it unites Asia and the Pacific in achieving a progressive, inclusive, resilient, and sustainable region. Emerging from the pandemic, countries are urged to incorporate into their economic recovery programs the green agenda of the Sustainable Development Goals and Paris Agreement. Concurrently, countries are expected to update and have more ambitious nationally determined contributions (NDCs) that pitch into attaining climate neutrality by mid-century.

A handful of ADB member countries have signified their commitment to carbon neutrality, and more are expected to follow closer to the 26th Conference of the Parties (COP26). With more ambitious climate goals, ADB is ready to provide assistance in creating integrated solutions, and drawing technology roadmaps to guide policies and strategies for an accelerated low-carbon transition in Asia and the Pacific.

The main theme of the Asia Clean Energy Forum (ACEF) 2021 was Accelerating the Low-Carbon Transition in Asia and the Pacific. ACEF 2021 was organized around 3 main pillars: technology roadmaps to achieve the NDCs, impact of COVID-19 and green recovery, and consultations to make the ADB Energy Policy more relevant.

ACEF 2021 featured two thematic tracks and provide opportunities for the ADB’s regional departments to showcase their projects and share experiences and lessons learned. Deep dive workshops and spotlight sessions were organized in collaboration with development partners, and consultations were held to update ADB’s Energy Policy. Evening sessions hosted by development partners.